SMI Jobs

SMI: Southern Middlesex Industries, Inc., (SMI) of Norwood, Massachusetts, is an environmental remediation company with an outstanding reputation throughout New England.  SMI has over 25 years experience and expertise in industrial contaminant removal and safe disposal, including asbestos, lead, mercury, pcb’s, refrigerants, mold, and has expertise in building demolition, selective interior demolition and general contracting services.


Job description: The project manager will be trained by SMI as a project manager and estimator in the field of industrial environmental remediation. The project manager will work as part of the SMI operations team to monitor, track and carefully document industrial contaminant remediation projects. The job requires excellent computer and communications skills and the ability to read building blueprints.

Type: Full-Time

Location: Norwood, Massachusetts

Further Information: To read more about SMI visit our website ( ) and subscribe to our blogsite by filling out your email address in the subscription window (top right – don’t forget to confirm your subscription when you receive a confirmatory email) and view our Facebook page ( ).

Qualified Applicants:  Qualified applicants must hold a four-year college degree, with excellent computer and communications skills. The ability to read building blueprints is a distinct advantage. No prior experience in program management is required.

Experience Needed: Entry Level

Compensation:  $50,000 to $75,000 per year.

How To Apply: Send a one page resume and a cover letter (no more than one page) that explains why you think you would make a good project manager, to


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